L-driver faces jail over car lies

JAIL THREAT ... Christopher Wade breached a suspended sentence by driving without a licence or insurance.
JAIL THREAT ... Christopher Wade breached a suspended sentence by driving without a licence or insurance.

A LEARNER-driver could face jail after pretending to be his brother when he was stopped for speeding.

Christopher Wade was doing 85mph when police pulled him over on the A194 at Leam Lane in Jarrow.

The 29-year-old told the officers his name was Callum Wade – his younger brother – and was given a caution for the offence.

But when the police sent a letter to his brother confirming the caution, their mother called them to say they had the wrong sibling. Wade, of Green Lane, South Shields, pleaded guilty at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court to obstructing an officer in the line of duty, driving without the correct licence and driving without insurance.

The court was told he is subject to a suspended jail sentence from Newcastle Crown Court after admitting to perverting the course of justice in March.

The crown court will be notified of his latest convictions and a judge will decide whether to take any action on the suspended sentence.

Glenda Beck, prosecuting the new crimes, said it was 5.55am on September 30 when Wade was pulled over.

She added: “He gave his name as Callum Wade, apologised and said he was speeding because he was late for work.

“They cautioned him, warned him about speeding and let him go.

“His mother called the police when the letter arrived for her other son, Callum, and said it was Christopher who was driving.”

Mrs Beck told magistrates that when officers went to ask Wade – who works offshore – if it was him behind the wheel that day, he admitted it.

David Forrester, defending, said: “He has a legitimate provisional licence and is taking his test very soon.

“He normally gets a lift to work, but on this occasion the person who takes him cried off.

“He was desperate and was going to be late so took the car.”

Magistrates fined Wade £450 and ordered him to pay £85 costs and a £45 victim surcharge. He also had six points added to his licence.

Chairman of the bench Barry Hunter said: “You’re not doing yourself any favours here.

“You’re on a suspended sentence and took a car out without a licence or insurance.”

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