‘Lunatic’ South Shields drink driver travelled at up to 100mph to get away from police

A "lunatic" drink driver who travelled at up to 100mph in a bid to get away from the police has been put behind bars.

Joseph Robinson was told it was only by "luck" that he did not kill someone by the way he drove around the streets in South Shields. Newcastle Crown Court at one point he reached 100mph in a 40mph zone as he tore around the town, while "significantly over" the alcohol limit, until he eventually crashed and tried to flee on foot.

Robinson, 36, of Bonsall Court, South Shields, admitted dangerous driving, having no insurance and driving with excess alcohol. Judge Amanda Rippon sentenced him to 10 months behind bars with a 41-month road ban.

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The judge told him that the fact nobody was killed was "more by luck than anything else" and added: "Not only were you drunk and driving like a lunatic around the streets, at one point you got up to 100mph on a road subjected to a 40mph limit.

Joseph Robinson.

"It was an accident, it was chance that you didn't kill someone or yourself that night. It is certainly not as a result of any skills you possess as a drink driver. You could have killed someone that night. It may have been at night but there were cars on the road that had to avoid you. You made the deliberate decision to ignore the rules of the road and disregarded the great danger being caused to others."

Judge Rippon added: "People who drive like lunatics when drunk while being chased by the police on our roads at 100mph in 40 zones and crash go to prison and that is where you are going."

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The court heard police had tried to pull Robinson over but he was driving so dangerously that they aborted the attempt. Robinson, who eventually crashed at Whiteleas Way in the town, continued to try to get away on foot and threw a log at officers who tried to stop him. The court heard a taser was deployed before he could be stopped and arrested.

Matthew Hopkins, defending, said Robinson had made progress in addressing his problems after seeking help himself. Robinson handed in character references to the court.