Man jailed after being beaten up in failed robbery

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A would-be robber who tried to rob two friends has been jailed.

Simon Harris, 42, was one of three attackers who tried to rob two men in South Shields but fled after they fought back.

One of the victims punched Harris to the ground twice and managed to get away.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how two of the unidentified attackers had weapons, with one brandishing a knife and the other holding a cosh.

When Harris, who had no history of violence, attempted to rob one of the men he resisted and two of the attackers ran off leaving Harris behind on March 9 last year.

Mr Jamie Adams for the defence said: “He shows remorse at what he did and he does not have a massive record of offending and in recent times has not been in much trouble at all.

“He does have drug and alcohol problems which he is working on and has a good work ethic.

“He is trying to be a good father although not setting a good example by being in court.”

He added: “He is very remorseful of this and will do all he can to make himself more employable by the time he finishes custody.”

Sentencing Harris to 20-months in prison for attempted robbery, His Honour Judge Edward Bindloss said: “On the 9th of March two men were walking in South Shields when three men approached them.

“One had a knife and the other a kosh.

“You attempted to rob these two men.

“I accept you did not have a weapon but you were with them and were involved.

“You were punched to the ground by the victim and the other two attackers ran off. You were followed and were punched again until you were bleeding.”

He added: “It is clear you have had difficulties with epilepsy and a recent bereavement and references have spoken highly of you and I take into account that you have no previous offences for violence.”

Harris, of Stanhope Road, South Shields, had pleaded guilty at a previous hearing.