Man led police to drugs in his room

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A drug user unwittingly led police to his stash of cannabis.

David Kirsop told staff at a supported accommodation unit in Whitehead Street, South Shields, there were things in his room he “shouldn’t have” when they told him his room was being cleared out to be refurbished.

Workers at the unit found drug paraphernalia, including home-made bongs, in the room while the 28-year-old was away.

When staff told him what they had found, he asked them if they had discovered cannabis on top of the wardrobe.

The police were called and found the drugs on March 18.

Kirsop admitted possession of a Class B drug at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

David Forrester, mitigating, said: “Drug paraphernalia was initially found, but this is only an offence if used with drugs.

“He asked if they had found any cannabis on top of the wardrobe. They hadn’t, but they then went in again and did find it.

“David made full and frank admissions.”

Kirsop was given a 12-month conditional discharge.