Man spared jail over Samurai sword threats to caller

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A BARE-chested man who used a Samurai sword to “frighten” a man at his door has escaped jail.

Michael Oliver, 29, of Stanhope Road, South Shields, armed himself with the weapon after being woken up by a loud noise at his front door.

You need to stop behaving in this idiotic fashion and think before you act.

Judge Paul Reid

Newcastle Crown Court heard Oliver went downstairs, opened the door, and waved the Samurai sword at the victim, shouting at him to leave.

The incident, in the early hours of the morning of October 25, was witnessed by a taxi driver parked nearby.

Bridie Smurthwait, prosecuting, told the court: “The defendant was asleep in bed when he woke up to banging and kicking noises at his front door.

“He went to the door and a man stood there who was looking for the defendant’s brother.  

Oliver then began waving the sword to frighten the man away.

“The defendant was bare-chested at the time. His behaviour was threatening and abusive.

“He was interviewed by the police twice but did not make a response.”

Oliver admitted to affray at a previous hearing. Vic Laffey, defending said Oliver is now in a strong relationship and that he realises the stupidity of his actions.

He said: “He has been to jail before and he knows what it involves.

“However, this was something that he didn’t instigate. He is in a better place in his life than he ever has been before.”

Judge Paul Reid sentenced Oliver to a four month custodial sentence, suspended for 18 months with 18 months’ supervision.

The judge also ordered Oliver to attend a programme which aims to work with people to reduce re-offending.

Judge Reid said: “You have a bad record including public disturbance and violence.

“When you heard someone banging on your door you should have called the police, which I now think you recognise.

“You went outside bare-chested in the early hours of the morning and waved a Samurai sword and started shouting at the top of your voice.

“You now have a new relationship in your life and you need to stop behaving in this idiotic fashion and think before you act.”