Mum cut rival's head in doorstep bottle attack


A mum who cut a rival's head in a doorstep bottle attack has been spared jail.

Elizabeth Allison, 41, turned up at her adult daughter's neighbour's home, drunk and armed, and launched the violence on December 21 last year after a history of problems between the two properties.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Stacey Green initially opened the door to Allison, who wedged her foot in to stop it from being closed while "very drunk and abusive".

When Miss Green's partner Richard Woodhouse went to investigate what was happening, he was attacked by Allison.

Prosecutor Michael Bunch told the court: "He went towards the door and in that moment he was struck to the head.

"He heard the sound of breaking glass and felt the blood starting to come from the cut to his head."

The court heard Mr Woodhouse wrestled Allison away from the door and an ambulance was called.

He needed staples to a cut to the top of his scalp.

Mr Woodhouse said in a victim statement he and his partner had considered moving home as a result of what happened and added: "I have not really been the same since."

Allison, of Victoria Road East, Hebburn, admitted unlawful wounding.

Peter Walsh, defending, said Allison is a hard working mum who has a young daughter, no relevant criminal record and has had the "fright of her life" by her behaviour and its consequences.

Mr Walsh said the trouble that night was sparked by a comment Mr Woodhouse was claimed to have said towards her family in the days beforehand.

He added that since the incident there has been no further trouble and Mr Woodhouse has "shook hands" with Allison's adult daughter, who is his neighbour, in a bid to move forward.

Judge Amanda Rippon sentenced Allison to 18 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with 100 hours unpaid work and programme requirements.

The judge told her: "I am quite satisfied this was wholly out of character.

"There is no reason for me to suppose you are going to do something like this again. I hope you do not."

The judge warned Allison would be brought back to her court if she breached the order in any way or there was any further trouble.

Judge Rippon said: "If you come back before me you will be facing a prison sentence. I will activate this sentence without blinking."