Mum left partner with knife wounds after drunken row over Afghan conflict

A mum who left her partner with knife wounds to his hands after a drunken row over the Afghanistan conflict has kept her freedom.

Angela Wight and Michael Hanks got into an argument about a news story on TV, concerning the withdrawal of troops from the troubled country, in September last year.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the trouble eventually turned violent and Wight,51, picked up a knife.

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Prosecutor Emma Dowling told the court: "The defendant picked up a bread knife from the kitchen, which she held toward Mr Hanks, who grabbed the blade at that point.

Angela Wight.

"At that point she pulled the blade back, resulting in him sustaining two deep lacerations to the base of his left and right thumb, each two to three centimetres in length"

The court heard the wounds were deep enough for tendons to be visible and had to be closed surgically.

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Miss Dowling said the couple, who lived together in Wallsend at the time, had both been drinking and were "a bit drunk" before the argument started "over a news story they had been watching together".

Wight, of Talbot Road, South Shields, admitted unlawful wounding on the basis she had gone "beyond reasonable self defence" during the violent confrontation.

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Shaun Routledge, defending, said it had been a troubled relationship between the couple, with previous domestic incidents.

Mr Routledge added: "This incident was over in a moment."

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Judge Robert Spragg sentenced Wight to 14 months imprisonement, suspended for 18 months, with rehabilitation requirements.

The judge told her: "You and Michael Hanks lived together for approximately three years.

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"Alcohol played a significant part in your relationship. You had had previous arguments with him, although none involving violence.

"You had both drank lager and were both drunk. You had an argument over the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan."

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The judge said the argument turned violent and added: "You picked up a knife from the kitchen. He grabbed the knife and you pulled the knife back, resulting in him sustaining two deep lacerations."

Judge Spragg said Wight has a realistic prospect of rehabilitation and has family support which meant the jail term could be suspended.