New era for policing in South Tyneside

Police senior management team.'Front chief superintendent Andy McDyer
Police senior management team.'Front chief superintendent Andy McDyer

A new team of top cops have taken over the helm of policing in South Tyneside.

Chief Superintendent Andy McDyer is now the man in charge of officers fighting crime and bringing law-breakers to justice throughout the borough.

It’s about putting the people first

Chf Supt Andy McDyer

He is also keen to see his teams build even stronger links with the communities they serve.

Chief Supt McDyer of Southern Command, which also includes Sunderland, said: “I am proud to be working alongside the team I have, and I believe they are the best.

“The length of experience within the senior management team is outstanding.

“Any incident or set of circumstances, any event at all I have the confidence that my team have got the ability to deal with it.”

Chief Supt McDyer has listed violent crime, sexual crime, and burglary as 
his team’s top three priorities.

As well as targeting criminals, he is also keen to increase the overall confidence people have of the police – including victims.

He said: “We want a service which is the best. We have a lot of communities across the area commands and it’s about getting it right for all of those people.

“It’s about putting the people first, strengthening our work with the partners and the communities we serve.

“The police are governed by three groups, the chief officer team, the local authority and councillors and the people of South Tyneside and Sunderland.”

Chief Supt McDyer has held a number of roles within Northumbria Police including both in uniform and CID.

Prior to taking up his position as Chief Superintendent Southern Command, he was in charge of policing in Gateshead.

He is joined at the helm by: Superintendent Ged Noble (performance), Superintendent Sav Patsalos (confidence and service delivery), Chief Inspector Sarah Pitt (communities) Chief Inspector Dave Willett (Harm Reduction) Chief Inspector Jerry Pearson (Investigation) and Chief Inspector Julian Bowran (demand management).