Nightmare neighbour hurled abuse at disabled teen after downing 24 cans

Terence Miller
Terence Miller

A nightmare neighbour who hurled abuse at a disabled teenager after downing 24 cans of lager during a four-hour booze binge has been warned he will be locked up if he doesn’t mend his ways.

Terence Miller verbally abused and threatend his neighbour’s 17-year-old son - who has autism - from the garden of his home in Windsor Crescent, Jarrow.

She said she is constantly on egg shells and fearful about what he will do next.

Rebecca Laverick, prosecuting

Police were alerted by the boy’s mother, Gillian Holmes, and magistrates in South Tyneside were told that she had been plagued by years of abuse, excessive noise and drunken behaviour from the 50-year-old - and was left in fear of what he would do next.

The court heard that Miller had previously been hauled before the court and slapped with a fine for verbally abusing Ms Holmes in June.

He admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting word to cause harassment, alarm or distress and was hit with a 12-month community order and a year-long restraining order against the complainant and her son - and told he could risk losing his liberty if he breaches the order.

Rebecca Laverick, prosecuting, said: “Gillian Holmes has had issues with the defendant for a number of years. She desribes being subject to abuse, excessive noise and drunken behaviour which has caused her distress on a number of occasions.

“She said she is constantly on egg shells and finds it hard to sleep.

“At 9pm on August 5, Miller was in the garden shouting. He swore at her son and asked him to come out and spend five minutes with him.”

She said he hurled a number of insults at the boy.

“Miss Holmes’ son is autistic and vulnerable and she told Miller to stop picking on him before calling the police.

“The defendant was arrested.”

In a statement read out in court, Mis Holmes said: “I am stresssed and fearful about what he will do next. He is pushing and pushing.

“His behaviour shows no sign of improvement and I honestly believe that one day he will lose it and hit me or my son.

“I don’t want it to come to that.”

When arrested, Miller said he had drank 24 cans of beer between 4pm and 8.30pm and was extremely intoxicated.

Kate Lewis, defending, said: “The circumstances are that this is in relation to a neighbour dispute.

“They have been neighbours for 13 years and relations were generally good but have deteriorated in the last two years.

“He accepts what has been said. He was drunk at the time and has very little recollection of what happened. He very much regrets his actions.”

Neil Woodward, chair of the magistrates, said: “In the cold light of day, I’m sure you will appreciate your behaviour was not on.

“You will understand your neighbour would have been frightened.

“You do need assistance from the probation service to turn the corner.

“If you breach the order you could lose your liberty.”

Miller, who is currently living away from his home, was also ordered to complete a 25-day rehabilitation activity requirement and a six month alcohol treatment order.

He was also fined £10, ordered to pay a criminal courts charge of £150, prosecution costs of £85 and a £60 victim surcharge.