Noddy Rice: The dad-of-seven who was gunned down in a coastal car park

Noddy Rice
Noddy Rice

The cold-blooded killing of David ‘Noddy’ Rice is a murder case which remains unsolved.

Despite police naming his killer as Allan James Foster – he is yet to be caught after he fled the country the day after the father-of-seven was murdered.

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It is now 11 years since Mr Rice, described by his family as a “real character”, was gunned down by two masked men as he sat in his car at Marsden Lea Car Park on May 24, 2006.

In 2007 Steven Bevans was sentenced to life for murder and driver Derek Blackburn, 51, of Humberside, was given four years for assisting an offender.

However, Foster – who police believe fired the shots that killed Mr Rice – remains on the run.

A number of appeals have been launched in a bid to find Foster, who appears on Crimestoppers Most Wanted list.

Tragically, Mr Rice’s mum Lydia died aged 74, only nine days after the first anniversary of her son’s death, unable to cope with her loss.

The killing of Mr Rice sparked a huge police operation, with a number of arrests made on the back of the murder.

Along with Kevin Nightingale, the murder of David ‘Noddy’ Rice is also one of South Tyneside’s longest unsolved murder cases.