North East blackmailers trick people into performing sex acts on webcams

Northumbria Police has issued a warning to internet users.
Northumbria Police has issued a warning to internet users.

People in the North East are being blackmailed after being lured into performing sex acts on webcam.

Northumbria Police is warning internet users to be on their guard against 'sextortion'.

It follows a number of incidents reported to police where a victim has been lured by another person online into undressing and sometimes performing intimate acts in front of a webcam.

The recipient then threatens to blackmail the victim saying they will distribute the footage on social media sites and share with the victim's family and friends unless a substantial amount of money is paid.

This is a problem occurring across the country. Officers want to remind people to be on their guard to prevent other people falling victim.

Detective Inspector Dave Harris said: "We know that men and women can fall victim of this offence so don't get lured into compromising situation online.

"Once something is online it can stay online, even though you may delete it others may have copied and shared it across the internet, even if you think it is just between you and the recipient this is not always the case.

"Be wary of who you speak to in chat rooms, even if you think you know them if you can't see the person at the other end they may not be who you think they are.

"Most importantly don't get lured into compromising situations with complete strangers where you could potentially put yourself at risk of being exploited and blackmailed, you don't know them and cannot trust them.

"These sorts of offences can have a huge impact on victims and we want to reassure people that officers will carry out inquiries with the absolute sensitivity and we would urge anyone who has been a victim to come forward and speak to us."

There have been reports of this type of crime in Northumberland.

People can contact police on 101 or via the Northumbria Police website, where more information on staying safe online can be found.

Reports of sexual abuse or exploitation of a child can be reported to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre at or