Pleasure boater fined £500 for causing damage in Warlord craft

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A harbour master has issued a warning to weekend boaters after a man ended up in court.

Those heading out on the river are being warned to take extra care.

Failing to navigate his boat with care cost a Newcastle man more than £500 in fines and costs.

Steven Donaldson, 30, of Walker, Newcastle, appeared at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

He pleaded guilty to breaching Port of Tyne By-law 1.

The charge related to an incident in May when his pleasure boat, dubbed Warlord II, created such a wash that it damaged several boats moored at Newcastle City Centre Marina.

Mr Davidson was fined £66, with a further £470 in costs, totalling a bill of £536.

Mike Nicholson, Port of Tyne harbour master, said: “This turned out to be an expensive trip for the Warlord and it’s a reminder to all boat owners to navigate with due care and consideration on the Tyne, and with respect for other users of the river.”

Newcastle City Marina is located at the heart of Newcastle’s Quayside.

It is situated between the Tyne Bridge and the Millennium Bridge, which both connect Newcastle to Gateshead.

There is a speed limit of six knots over the ground and rafting is permitted at the Marina during peak times.