Police launch bid to lock out shed burglars - after rise in crimes

Police are warning residents to be on their guard over shed break-ins
Police are warning residents to be on their guard over shed break-ins

Police are offering vital ‘sheducation’ to the public - in a bid to keep opportunistic burglars locked out.

Crime-fighting cops in South Tyneside and Sunderland are reminding householders of the importance of shed security - after a recent surge in the number of sheds being broken into, with bikes being stored inside being the main target for crooks.

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Young said: “People often don’t realise the value of the items they are storing inside their shed but if they’ve got expensive tools and bikes in there it all adds up and unfortunately, burglars are wise to this.

“Home security is vitally important and most people install security measures to protect their home however, they then don’t have adequate security on sheds and outbuildings leaving these types of buildings vulnerable to being targeted by thieves.

“A good quality lock could make all the difference over whether or not a burglar chooses to break-in to a particular building.”

Officers also say registering items that are stored inside the shed on national property register immobilise.com can help ensure it is returned to the owner if it is stolen. It also helps identify those involved in burglary.

Insp Young added: “When we recover property we suspect has been stolen we will search immobilise to see if the property has been registered - if it has not only can we return the property but we can clearly identify the person in possession of the property as not being the owner and arrest them for handling stolen goods.”

To register property visit www.immobilise.com.

Northumbria Police is currently running a month long campaign ‘Beat The Burglar’ aimed at reducing the number of burglaries. As part of the activity officers are highlighting the ongoing work police do to target burglars as well as raising awareness of the steps homeowners can do to help stop their property being targeted.