Police make 11 arrests on Black Eye Friday

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POLICE made 11 arrests in South Tyneside on so-called ‘Black Eye Friday’.

Officers said that between 6pm on Friday and 3am on Saturday, 22 incidents were recorded in the town centre and seafront areas.

The arrests included five for drunk and disorderly and three drug-related offences.

Chief Inspector Michael Barton, from South Tyneside Area Command, said: “We know that people want to socialise and enjoy the festive season, but we also want to ensure South Shields town centre is a safe place for everyone.

“Many people were out celebrating and a small minority that insisted on displaying drunken or yobbish behaviour were dealt with appropriately.”

“We had extra officers on patrol, as we have done throughout the run-up to Christmas, and that will continue into the New Year.”

“We want to encourage law-abiding behaviour and keep pushing the message to the minority who use and abuse alcohol – if you get drunk, get violent or get disorderly, you will be arrested.”

The last Friday before Christmas was labelled Black Eye Friday after becoming notorious for the amount of drink-fuelled violence it has seen in the past, and the extra need for police involvement.