Police staff to be trained to spot domestic abuse

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NORTHUMBRIA Police staff are to receive training to help them deal with domestic violence victims and aggressors.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird, has initiated a training programme for officers and staff.

The first students on the course will be Chief Constable Sue Sim, her deputy Steve Ashman and the force’s other chief officers, as well as the commissioner herself.

The programme teaches officers how to recognise when perpetrators are using coercive control, to understand how it affects victims and to know how best to tackle it.

All staff, whether frontline or not, will receive the training.

Mrs Baird said: “Domestic abuse is not usually a one-off violent attack.

“It is a deliberate long-term use of coercion to control every part of the partner’s life.

“Violence and threats of violence, sexual abuse, financial control, constant criticism, isolation from family and friends, repeated threatening texts or stalking whenever the victim is out of sight are all familiar tools.

“Clearly, this has a massively-undermining impact on the victim and makes it very hard to tell others what is happening.”