Police to get tough on nuisance bikers

SEIZED ... a bike confiscated by police in a previous crackdown on nuisance bikers.
SEIZED ... a bike confiscated by police in a previous crackdown on nuisance bikers.

UNDERCOVER cops are set to target anti-social bikers causing a nuisance on the streets of South Tyneside.

The move comes as part of Operation Piper, a summer campaign aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour throughout the summer months.

Officers in plain clothes will be hitting the streets of Hedworth and Fellgate, in Jarrow, targeting those who ride off-rode motorbikes illegally and anti-socially.

Already, a number of people have been stopped and spoken to on Thursday, with police warning them about their behaviour.

A stolen go-kart was recovered and a 16-year-old was given a section 59 warning. This means the bike will be seized if it’s driven anti-socially again within the next 12 months.

Neighbourhood Inspector Ian King said: “The summer often sees a rise in motorbike disorder and it’s one of the issues residents raise as being of most concern.

“We’re committed to tackling the issues raised by local residents, and people riding off-road motorbikes in built-up areas are not only a nuisance, disrupting people’s quality of life, but it’s also a danger.

“This kind of activity could end up with someone getting seriously injured or even killed.

“Riders also face being arrested for driving offences.

“I would urge anyone with information on motorcycle disorder to contact us so we can identify those involved and take action.”

The activity forms part of Northumbria Police’s road safety campaign, Operation Dragoon, aimed at making the roads safer.

The public is asked to take down details such as where and when the bikes are being ridden and any descriptions of riders and bikes.

This information can then be passed on, anonymously if preferred, by ringing 101 ext 69191.