‘Raped’ teen feared she was pregnant with ‘attacker’s’ baby

ACCUSED OF RAPE ... from left, students Abu Sufian, Raabsan Khan and Ferdoush Hasan.
ACCUSED OF RAPE ... from left, students Abu Sufian, Raabsan Khan and Ferdoush Hasan.
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A SCHOOLGIRL who was allegedly raped by a Bangladeshi student thought she was pregnant with her attacker’s baby, a court heard.

The 14-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told Newcastle Crown Court how she suffered a pregnancy scare in April last year, a month after she was allegedly raped by Ferdoush Hasan.

She went to the doctor’s but the test was negative.

Hasan, 22, is charged with rape and is also jointly accused of the rape of another 14-year-old schoolgirl, with fellow Bangladeshi students, Abu Suffian, 21, and Raabsan Khan, 19, within a matter of days of the first alleged assault.

All three men, of Ocean Road, South Shields, deny a joint charge of rape and are standing trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

Hasan denies a second, solo, charge.

Tom Moran, defending Hasan, claimed that the first alleged victim initiated sex with the defendant while intoxicated with alcohol and cannabis, but regretted her behaviour after sobering up and cried rape.

The court heard that the girl attacked Hasan in the street after the alleged rape, with the pair exchanging blows.

She was also reported to have broken a window at his house.

Both incidents were alleged to have taken place while the girl was in the presence of the second alleged victim.

The attack is alleged to have taken place after the girl had drunk half a litre of vodka and turned up at the then-home of the defendants – who were studying at South Tyneside College – with a group of six friends, one of whom was known to the defendants.

The group of teenagers continued to drink and smoke cannabis with men on the top floor of the house in Beaufront Terrace, South Shields.

The girl claimed Hasan kissed her on the lips before leading her down to a bedroom, where he ripped off her clothes, pinned her down and raped her.

She described kicking out at Hasan but being unable to escape.

Afterwards, she got dressed and fled the house, it was alleged.

Khan and Sufian are accused of holding down another 14-year-old girl while Hasan raped her in a separate attack just a few days later.

The trial heard how the men are accused of taking advantage of vulnerable girls who they allowed to drink and smoke in their house before exploiting them for sex.

The prosecution claims that the girls could be used for sex either because they would not say anything for fear of getting into trouble, or if they did say anything, the circumstances and background and how they came to be in the house would mean no one would believe them.

The girl admitted that her behaviour at the time had been “out of control”.

When asked by Mr Moran if she was part of a group of girls that were “experimenting” and “drinking too much” she answered: “Yes.”

The second alleged victim is expected to give her evidence in the coming days.

* The trial continues.

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