Rapist attacked by victim's dad gets locked up for three years

The rapist, and the victim's father, both appeared at Newcastle Crown Court.
The rapist, and the victim's father, both appeared at Newcastle Crown Court.

A dad who attacked and stamped on his son’s rapist says he will never apologise for what he did and has had support from across the world.

The father was outside Newcastle Crown Court with a placard yesterday while his son’s attacker was sentenced to three years and three months behind bars.

During his peaceful protest the devastated dad, who is banned from going anywhere near his son’s attacker, was approached by a stranger who handed him a £500 cash wad to help with his court costs.

The 30-year-old dad said: “I have no remorse for what I did and never will have.

“I am pleased I attacked him.

“I think anyone would have done the same in my position.

“I am not going to say sorry to a man who put my son through a nightmare.

“I am livid, frustrated, mentally tortured.

“I have had support from all over the world, people have patted me on the back.

“The woman who has just handed me this cash is a complete stranger who just wanted to help me with the court costs after hearing about this.

“I couldn’t go inside court for the sentencing hearing because of the restraining order but I couldn’t just stay at home and do nothing. “

The furious father had been given a suspended sentence earlier in the week after he knocked the youth to the ground during a chance meeting in a South

Tyneside street and told him “that’s what becomes of paedophiles”.

He was heard telling the teen, who was screaming for help during the explosion of violence, “you don’t rape my kid”.

After the attack at the start of the year, the teen was convicted at the youth court of rape and causing a child to engage in sexual activity in relation to the man’s seven-year-old boy.

At the rapist’s sentencing hearing today the court heard the young victim had told his family that the attacker had done “something naughty”.

The rapist, who had a habit of viewing pornography and engaging in explicit online conversations, was arrested and denied wrongdoing, claiming the boy “made it up”.

He still denies the offences.

The court heard the ordeal has had a devastating impact on the young victim, who has been left suffering night terrors and in need of counselling.

His family feel their little boy’s plight has been forgotten during the long court process.

They said outside court: “It seems our boy’s welfare just doesn’t come into it, its all about protecting the criminals.

“We just have to get on with it, we’ve had to do it as a family.

“Our boy has been terrified of bumping into his attacker again so at least he is now off the streets.”

Tom Moran, defending the teen sex attacker, told the court: “Quite apart from the physical assault, there has been summary justice executed upon him and, regrettably, his family as a whole

“The family are hoping to move because of the harassment they have been subjected to.

“Obviously these cases cause extremely strong feelings.

“People are entitled to express feelings, if done lawfully.”

Judge Robert Adams said he took into account the fact some had taken “justice into their own hands” and said the attacker was “vulnerable, likely to be bullied in a custodial setting by those with whom he is serving his


Judge Adams said the youth must sign the sex offenders register for life and stay away from his young victim.

The victim’s dad was told at the start of the week that “lawlessness” and “anarchy” could result from people taking the law into their own hands.

A judge told the furious father: “He was a young man who you knew had abused your seven-year-old son.

“I think it would be difficult for any parent not to understand the sort of emotions that would generate.

“Therefore, what you did is explicable but not excusable.

“You need, as others do, to realise that such perpetrators of abuse need to be dealt with by the courts, not by wanton violence in the streets.

“The fact is, this particular time in your young son’s life is when he needs you most.

“You are not going to help him if you engage in this sort of behaviour again and end up in custody.”

The judge sentenced him to eight months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with supervision, programme requirements, £500 costs and an indefinite restraining order to stay away from his child’s attacker.