‘Red Exodus’ warning after Northumbria Police called to semi-conscious pair

A collection of legal highs
A collection of legal highs

Police are issuing a warning around the dangers of legal highs.

It follows an incident in Newcastle when police were called to a report of concern for a man and woman in Westgate Road.

The two were found in a semi-conscious state in the street and were taken to hospital to be checked over.

The 22-year-old man was released after treatment, however the 29-year-old woman remains in intensive care in a critical but stable condition.

It is believed they both took a legal high called ‘Red Exodus’ or Damnation and officers are warning others about taking the substance.

Chief Inspector Steve Ammari said: “Using legal highs, in the way they are intended or otherwise, isn’t safe and we would urge people to steer clear of them. They can kill or have a devastating impact on someone’s health as they often contain potentially dangerous chemicals.

“Just because the substance says it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s safe and our advice would always be to avoid using legal highs.”

Anyone who needs emergency medical attention should call 999.

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