Sex attacker used Google Translate to talk to schoolgirl before pouncing, court hears

Newcastle Crown Court
Newcastle Crown Court

Two sex attackers took "selfies" with their schoolgirl victims before molesting them in a city public park, a court heard.

Omar Badreddin, who is on trial with the aid of an interpreter, used Google Translate to tell his victim "I am interested in you" before he pounced, jurors have heard.

Badreddin, 18, is one of three men on trial at Newcastle Crown Court after two teenage girls claimed they were attacked, moments apart from each other, at the city's Leazes Park in May.

One of the alleged victims, who is 14, told police she was taken behind a hut where she was sexually assaulted by three men.

The court heard it is claimed Badreddin's initial attack on the girl was joined in by Mohammed Alfrouh, 20, followed by Mohammad Allakkoud, 18, who put his hand over her mouth and nose.

Prosecutor Lee Fish told the court: "The prosecution say they were all in it together, it is what lawyers refer to as a joint enterprise.

"They all participated in a sexual assault upon her in Leazes Park on May 10."

Mr Fish said Alfrouh had carried out a second attack, just minutes before, on another 14-year-old, who he had also given an unwanted kiss to during a sexual assault the day before.

It is claimed Alfrouh attacked the girl by a tree in the park before she managed to make off.

The court heard the men were captured on CCTV in the city and identified by the alleged victims.

When Badreddin and Alfrouh's phones were examined by detectives the "selfies" collection was found.

Mr Fish said the selfies found on Badreddin's phone were "important".

He told the court: "First and foremost, the prosecution say that they demonstrate that Mr Badreddin was clearly interested in these girls.

"Secondly, the prosecution case is that the girls look young and are obviously underage."

Mr Fish said Badreddin had used Google translate to tell the girl "I am interested in you".

He added: "The words were typed into Google translate, that is how Mr Badreddin communicated that information to her."

Mr Fish said the selfies on Alfrouh's phone demonstrate that he too was "clearly interested" in one of the girls.

All three men deny any wrongdoing.

Alfrouh denies three charges of sexual assault.

Badreddin and Allakkoud both deny one charge of sexual assault.

The trial continues.