Shields nunchuck attack yob spared jail

Josh Swalwell has escaped jail
Josh Swalwell has escaped jail

A yob who beat a 16-year-old boy with a pair on nunchucks in an unprovoked attack has avoided jail.

A yob who beat a 16-year-old boy with a pair on nunchucks in an unprovoked attack has avoided jail.

Josh Swalwell, 20, had been drinking vodka with a friend when they confronted the teenager who was walking his girlfriend to a bus stop in Laygate, South Shields on September 14 this year.

Michael Bunch prosecuting said that Swallwell and another man barged into the teenager as they walked past him.

He said: "The defendant's friend barged into the complainant.He turned around and confronted them both and asked what they were doing.

"The defendant's co accused then punched the complainant in the jaw causing him harm."

Newcastle Crown Court heard that a struggle between the two began and Swalwell took out a pair of Nunchucks and began striking the teen on the back and shoulders.

The victim's girlfriend was screaming and rang the police as did staff at a neaby supermarket who witnessed the incident.

Mr Bunch added: "The complainant was able to pull the weapon from the defendant during the struggle.

"The two attackers then backed off and offered to shake the teenager's hand with the defendant even offering to add him on Facebook."

The pair then made off and the other male was caught later on that night and cautioned.

Swalwell was arrested the following day.

In a victim impact statement the victim said that he feared going outside during the night time and that the attack had a considerable effect on him.

Swalwell of Galsworthy Road, South Shields admitted assault by beating and possessing an offensive weapon in a public place.

Graham Cook defending said that Swalwell's friend had started the incident and that the weapon was his.

He said: "He was simply carrying the weapon for his friend and accepts he shouldn't have used it.

"Thankfully there was no serious injury to the complainant and the incident was brought about by drink and he hasn't touched the stuff since.

"I would urge the suspension of any custodial sentence as the defendant has an MRI scan that he must attend."

Sentencing Swalwell to four months in prison suspended for 18 months Judge Tim Gittins said: "This was an unpleasant case of drunken yobbish behaviour by

you and your co accused.

"You attacked the victim with a martial arts weapon, no doubt leaving him battered and bruised.

"Luckily he had the temerity and guts to stand up to you both causing you to leave him alone"

Swalwell was also sentenced to a 25 day rehabilitation programme, a three month electronic curfew and ordered to undertake 15 hours unpaid work.