Shoplifters caught stealing children’s clothes

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TWO shoplifters were spotted stuffing more than £300-worth of children’s clothing into carrier bags in a shop in South Tyneside.

Leanne Mattinson, 23, and Kylie Wilde, 31, tried to steal the clothes from Asda in Boldon Colliery.

They were caught after security guards spotted what they were up to and raised the alarm.

When the pair tried to leave the store, police were waiting outside to arrest them.

Mattinson, of Felling Dene Gardens, and Wilde, of High House Gardens, both Gateshead, admitted a joint theft charge at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Paul Donay, prosecuting, said the pair stole the goods at 5pm on January 5.

He said: “They had a shopping trolley and went to the children’s clothes section.

“They selected a number of items and put them in shopping bags they had with them.

“They spent another 20 minutes in the shop before leaving without paying for the clothes.”

He added: “Security guards had been watching and alerted the police, who were waiting outside.

“All of the goods, worth £326.50, were recovered.”

Ian Wilson, defending, said: “Both defendants have asked me to offer their sincere apologies.

“They were in South Tyneside to do some shopping and, after going into the Asda store, decided they would take the items.

“They both regret it and know they shouldn’t have done it.”

Mr Wilson told the court that Wilde suffered from depression and both have struggled with drugs problems.

Magistrates gave both Mattinson and Wilde a six-month conditional discharge and ordered them each to pay £85 costs.