Shoplifting cousins stole booze from supermarket

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A PAIR of shoplifting cousins landed themselves in court after stealing booze from a South Tyneside supermarket.

Paul Carney and Dean Tweedie were spotted by security staff taking bottles from the alcohol aisle at Lidl in Laygate, South Shields, on Wednesday, July 9.

Carney picked up a bottle of bourbon whisky, with Tweedie taking a bottle of rum.

Both passed all points of payment at the premises and were about to leave the store when a security shouted for them to come back.

Tweedie stopped and returned the bottle of rum and was arrested, but Carney fled the store with his stolen bottle.

Lee Poppett, prosecuting, said: “Carney made off with the bourbon whisky and was later arrested at Tweedie’s address, where he was drinking from the bottle.”

Carney, 28, of Copely Avenue, and Tweedie, 29, of Marshall Wallis Road, both South Shields, pleaded guilty to shop theft at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Laura Johnson, defending Carney, said: “It was an impulsive act and he apologises to the court.”

“Christopher Brown, defending Tweedie, said: “Dean Tweedie was with his cousin (Carney) and both had gone into the shop. When shouted at, he stopped and has given the bottle back.”

Carney was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay compensation of £12.99 for the bourbon stolen as well as court costs of £50 and a victim surcharge of £15.

Tweedie was handed a six-month conditional discharge and must pay court costs of £50 and a £15 victim surcharge.

No compensation order was made against him as the bottle of rum was returned and able to be resold.