South Shields heroin dealer jailed for ‘living off misery of others’

BEHIND BARS ... Joseph White.
BEHIND BARS ... Joseph White.

A DRUG dealer from South Tyneside was slammed for living off the misery of others by a judge who put him behind bars.

Judge Sean Morris told Joseph White “heroin kills people” as he jailed the 38-year-old for three years and eight months for dealing from his home in South Shields.

Newcastle Crown Court heard White, of Eglesfield Road, South Shields, had been caught selling wraps of the deadly drug from his home.

Judge Morris told him: “If you sat where I sit, day in, day out, and see the misery class A drugs have brought upon this country, you would think again.

“People are robbing their own grandparents, mugging people in the street, all to pay people like you. You live off that.”

White, who has a previous conviction for drug dealing, admitted possessing heroin with intent to supply.

Kevin Wardlaw, prosecuting, told the court a small amount of heroin had been found in White’s home during a police raid on October 7 last year.

Four days later officers in the area saw a known addict leaving the house and carried out another search.

Mr Wardlaw told the court: “They found the defendant in the kitchen. He had a number of wraps of heroin next to him. He was next to a set of digital scales.”

The court heard White tried to flush 10 wraps of the drug down the toilet and a further four were found in the kitchen.

A woman at the house was found to be holding three wraps she had bought from White.

The court heard White had been jailed for street dealing in 2008.

Vic Laffey, defending, said White has struggled with drug use since 2000 and his problems got worse when he lost his partner in 2010.

He said; “The only way he was able to fund a habit such as the one he had was by selling.”

Mr Laffey said White is now keen to address his addiction.

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