South Shields stalker’s terrifying campaign of abuse

Glyn Pugh jailed at Newcastle Crown Court
Glyn Pugh jailed at Newcastle Crown Court

A stalker carved abuse into his victim’s kitchen worktops and wrote foul words on bedding usng body lotion during a terrifying harrassment campaign.

Frightened Stacey Walton was attacked in the street and came home to find her clothes had been cut up with a knife during visits by ex-partner Glyn Pugh.

Newcastle Crown Court

Newcastle Crown Court

Newcastle Crown Court heard Pugh had been banned from contacting Miss Walton, his partner of more than 20 years, by a restraining order.

But during a series of visits to the former family home in April, the 36-year-old businessman left his victim injured and terrified.

Prosecutor Mark Guiliani told the court Pugh had turned up shouting outside Miss Walton’s home in the early hours of April 8, screaming “get up, get up”.

He was arrested and bailed by the police.

The relationship broke up and the offences mainly stem from your failure to accept the end of that relationship.

Mr Recorder Paul Reid

The following day, Miss Walton went to a friend’s house and realised her home had been invaded while she was out.

Mr Guiliani said an abusive word was scratched into a worktop.

The court heard items of clothing had also been cut up with a knife.

The day after that Miss Walton was attacked in the street as she left a friend’s house, where he had earlier been shouting outside, going “wild”.

Mr Guiliani said; “Pugh had been following her.”

The court heard Miss Walton ended up on the ground in an alleyway near her home.

Mr Guiliani added; “The next thing he was raining blows down on her had and body using his feet.

“It seemed to her to go on for about five minutes then he stopped and walked off.”

Miss Walton was taken to hospital with swelling to her nose, forehead and jaw.

She was also bruised but did not need any treatment.

Pugh was arrested and said “Aye, I heard she got a good hiding but it wasn’t me”.

He was granted bail and stayed away from his ex until April 23 when he turned up shouting outside a friend’s home where Miss Walton was visiting.

When Miss Walton later went back to her home she realised Pugh was inside and called the poilice.

While inside the house, Pugh had gone into her bedroom and used body lotion to write obscenities on her sheets.

He had left pornography and obscene notes in another room, where he poured detergent on the bed.

Pugh was once again arrested, bailed and went back to the house a final time on April 26, when he was remanded in custody.

Miss Walton, who has now moved from her home, told police; “He is playing mind games with me.

“I don’t feel safe in my own home and I fear for my safety constantly.”

Pugh, of Whiteleas Way, South Shields, admitted common assault, burglary and breaching the restraining order.

He also admitted unrelated charges of having an offensive weapon in relation to a sword found in his car in March and having no insurance.

Mr Recorder Paul Reid sentenced him to a year and ten months behind bars for the “appalling” behaviour and said the attacks on her home were “vile, gratuitous vandalism”.

The judge told him: “You commenced a relationship with Stacey Walton many years ago, when you were about 14.

“You were together for 22 years.

“The relationship broke up and the offences mainly stem from your failure to accept the end of that relationship.

“This situation is rendered all the more unpleasant and tragic by the fact you have three children together.”

“As a result of all this she has lost her home.”

Graeme Cook, defending, said Pugh’s shotblasting and paint firm, in North Shields, has kept running despite him being behind bars on remand and he will return to his work when released.

Mr Cook said Pugh no longer knows where his ex lives.