South Tyneside drug-driver caught after ‘rather speeding’ in front of police in VW Golf

A South Tyneside drug-driver was caught after ‘rather speeding’ in front of police, a court heard.

Nahid Lasker, 24, came to their attention in his VW Golf as he headed home at 2am to Palmerston Street, West Park, South Shields.

They pulled him over in Kitchener Street, Jarrow, and a drug swipe test on Saturday, June 25, proved positive for cannabis derivative THC.

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Lasker is now starting a 12-month roads’ ban after pleading guilty at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court to drug-driving.

The case was heard at South Tyneside Magistrates Court.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson said: “He came to the attention of police who were investigating another matter altogether.

“It was the manner of his driving at 2am, he was rather speeding.

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“He was seen in Springwell Road and on towards Field Terrace and at speed, and he has gone into Kitchener Terrace.

Magistrates heard Lasker gave a reading for THC of 4.4mg in a litre of blood. The legal limit is 2mg.

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Tim Gregory, defending, said: “He accepts that he had consumed some cannabis. What was found was a by-product.

“He had consumed cannabis earlier that day and went to visit friends and stayed quite late.

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“He was driving on his way back home to Palmerston Street. He accepts that he was driving a little too fast.

“He was cooperative and let the police search his car. He was cooperative at the police station.

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“He says that he didn’t feel any impairment at all. He is sorry for this. He is a man of previous good character.

“He has stopped smoking cannabis completely, it’s not good for him.”

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Lasker was also fined £120, with £85 court costs and a £48 victim surcharge.