Stabbed to death over mobile phone theft

STABBED TO DEATH ... Andrew Lucas.
STABBED TO DEATH ... Andrew Lucas.

A MAN from South Tyneside was stabbed and left to die in a revenge attack for the theft of a mobile phone.

Andrew Lucas, originally from Hebburn, died after being stabbed in the leg near his home Washington.

Newcastle Crown Court heard yesterday that Mark Spalding and Paul Mallin launched the fatal attack because, just 20 minutes earlier, the 20-year-old had mugged Spalding and taken his mobile phone.

Nicholas Lumley QC, prosecuting, said: “Andrew was no angel but nothing excuses what these two men then did.

“We say, acting together and armed with knives, they went out for revenge. Andrew was unarmed and outnumbered in the minutes before he died.”

Spalding, 45, and Mallin, 35, deny murder.

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