STEVEN THOMPSON MANSLAUGHTER TRIAL: Teen killed after Bank Holiday trouble outside South Shields nightclub, jury told

A teenager was killed when trouble flared outside a town centre nightclub on a bank holiday weekend, jurors have heard.

Steven Thompson, 19, had been out in the bars and clubs in South Shields, and was outside Roxanne's nightclub when he was attacked.

His killing was captured on CCTV and has been played to jurors at Newcastle Crown Court.

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Ian Hall, 41, of Revesby Street, South Shields, denies manslaughter and is being tried by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

Steven Thompson died after trouble flared outside of a South Shields nightclub, a jury has heard.

Leon Wildgoose, 22, of Simonside Hall and Dylan Ford, 23, of Alice Street, both South Shields, have already pleaded guilty to the charge.

The court heard while two men have pleaded guilty, Hall maintains "it was nothing to do with him".

Prosecutor Nicholas Lumley KC told the court that Hall, who had also been out socialising that night, had headbutted another man during the disturbance then hit or headbutted Mr Thompson and they both ended up on the ground.

The court heard Mr Thompson was then attacked by the two younger men, then got to his feet and was pursued across the road before Wildgoose threw a punch, from which "he never got up".

Steven Thompson.

Mr Lumley added: "This defendant's (Hall's) aggressive actions towards Mr Thompson not only amounted to an assault but also encouraged the other two to join in and attack Steven Thompson.

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"Because each of the three men engaged in different ways in violence on the victim, each bears responsibility for the consequences, the unlawfulkilling of Steven Thompson.”

Mr Lumley said the initial disturbance started when Wildgoose took a bike belonging to another male outside Roxannes and Mr Thompson grabbed itback.

Hall, who was in a nearby club, then received a telephone call saying his stepson Ford, was involved in that argument.

Floral tributes left for Steven Thompson after his death.
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Mr Lumley added: "Mr Thompson appears to bump inadvertently into Dylan Ford, this defendant's stepson.

"This causes Steven Thompson to put his arm out to push him away, or keep him away. Whatever it was, it appears to be a red rag to this defendant."

He added: "As the disturbance continued, this defendant ran and grabbed hold of Steven Thompson before hitting and, perhaps, headbutting him so both men ended up on the ground outside the nightclub.

"The two younger men, Ford and Wildgoose, then attacked Mr Thompson as he got to his feet. They pursued him across the road before Wildgoose threw a punch which laid him out.

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"The final blow was delivered by Wildgoose but this was a joint attack on Steven Thompson. Each bears responsibility for the unlawful killing of Steven Thompson."

Mr Lumley added: "The issue may simply be whether this defendant was part of what happened. It doesn't matter whether he delivered the fatal blow. The prosecution say he appears to have been involved, doesn't he? He appears to have not tried to bring the assault to an end - quite the opposite.

"He had done nothing to prevent the others continuing the assault. So it seems to the prosecution he was part of it."

The court heard Mr Thompson was treated at the scene and taken to hospital but had suffered significant head injuries, including bleeding around the brain and bruising to the brain, which caused cardiac arrest.

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Hall denies manslaughter.

The trial continues.