‘Stop the yobs’ plea after bin blazes

CONCERNS ... Coun Steve Harrison walking around the Hedworth Estate.
CONCERNS ... Coun Steve Harrison walking around the Hedworth Estate.
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FRESH calls have been made for action to tackle yobs blighting two South Tyneside estates.

Ward councillors for Fellgate and Hedworth again raised the alarm after youths this week apparently started fires around the dene in Calf Close, Jarrow.

There were also reports of wheelie bins being stolen from homes at Glenside in Hedworth, Jarrow, and later torched.

The incidents come just weeks after a gang hurled missiles at firefighters putting out a suspect blaze at Calf Close dene.

Coun Steve Harrison said: “Unfortunately, the problems with anti-social behaviour at Calf Close and Hedworth don’t seem to be going away. Firefighters often find it hard to tackle these incidents down at the dene, because of problems with access to water supplies.

“The fire crews have to carry packs of water on their backs, plus these incidents tie up vital fire service resources, when they could be needed elsewhere.

“In the case of damaged wheelie bins, they can cost something like £84 each to replace.”

Coun Harrison alerted council anti-social behaviour officers after this week’s incidents in Jarrow.

On March 19, a gang of youths threw bottles at Hebburn firefighters extinguishing a blaze at Calf Close dene.

The youths only backed off when fire crews shone torches towards them, and the incident was reported to police.

Anti-social behaviour problems at Hedworth and Calf Close have been repeatedly raised at meetings of Jarrow and Boldon community area forum.

A council spokesman said: “The community wardens are patrolling the area and are working closely with the police to identify any individuals involved in causing disorder.

“Diversionary activities will be available for young people in the Fellgate and Hedworth area as part of the Lighter Nights campaign.”

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