Sunderland thug hurls racist abuse at Newcastle Crown Court judge during sentencing

Stephen McEvoy
Stephen McEvoy

A violent thug hurled shocking racist abuse at an Asian judge who was sentencing him for an attack on a woman.

Stephen McEvoy shouted foul taunts at Mr Recorder Ray Singh before bursting into an offensive, racist song as he was removed from the dock by security.

He appeared at Newcastle Crown Court.

He appeared at Newcastle Crown Court.

The 44-year-old, of Lakeside Village, Sunderland, who has a long history of attacking women, was being sentenced for violence against his long-suffering partner.

As the judge, who was one of one only two Asian recorders when he was appointed in 2009, was speaking, McEvoy started loudly objecting to aspects of the case against him.

He then started on the racist tirade that left viewers in the packed court room cringing.

McEvoy hurled expletives at the bench and then sang an abusive song.

His behaviour in court has perhaps given a small demonstration of the lack of remorse he has in relation to these matters.

Recorder Singh

McEvoy could still be heard screaming and shouting as he was led away by guards before the hearing finished.

Recorder Singh, a part-time judge who practised as a defence solicitor in Bradford for more than two decades, said little about the ordeal he had suffered, except that the outburst had not effected the sentence he imposed.

McEvoy, who had admitted assault, common assault and damaging property, was given a total of 20 months behind bars.

The judge said: “The defendant’s outburst, in particular the abuse of myself, played no part in my decision on the level of sentence.

“His behaviour in court has perhaps given a small demonstration of the lack of remorse he has in relation to these matters.”

At the time Recorder Singh’s his appointment, the recorder is quoted on the Judicial Appointments Commission website encouraging solicitors and young Asians to follow his career path.

He said during the interview in 2009 he never saw his race as a stumbling block for his chosen career.

McEvoy has a history of violent offending going back over 20 years.

His offences include breaking a woman’s jaw with a punch to the face and other violent attacks on females and former partners.

His recent offences are on a girlfriend he has already offended against in the past.

This time, on March 26, McEvoy smashed a tray of take-away food into the back of her head after accusing her of having an affair.

The following day he attacked her with a hoover while she was cleaning in the house and punched her repeatedly to the face and body.

Recorder Singh said: “He feels it appropriate that he can abuse vulnerable females.”