Teenage girls at rape accused men’s house ‘more or less every day’, court told

ACCUSED OF RAPE ... from left, students Abu Sufian, Raabsan Khan and Ferdoush Hasan.
ACCUSED OF RAPE ... from left, students Abu Sufian, Raabsan Khan and Ferdoush Hasan.
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Three Bangladeshi students accused of raping a 14-year-old girl had groups of teenage girls in their house “more or less” every day, a court heard.

A jury at Newcastle Crown Court heard the men would regularly entertain young girls who would smoke and drink at their house, before a college official found out and threatened to tell the police.

In police interviews read out to the court, Ferdoush Hasan, 22, who is accused of raping two 14-year-old girls, denied knowing either of his alleged victims, although his co-accused, Raabsan Khan, 19 and Abu Sufian, 21, said that they thought he had sex with one girl.

A trial at Newcastle Crown Court heard that the three defendants were part of a group of 27 Bangladeshi students who came to England last year.

At one stage they all lived in a house in Beaufront Terrace, South Shields.

Hasan, who was studying an HND in Nautical Science at South Tyneside College, denied knowing either of his alleged victims in his police interviews.

Khan, however, told officers that Hasan had been “making out” with one of the alleged victims before leaving to have sex in another room.

Khan told police: “There used to be girls coming into the house.

“The oldest there was 16, another was 18 or something.”

When asked how many times they came into the house, Khan replied “plenty”.

“They used to come to the door.”

Asked by police if this was every day, Khan replied: “More or less.”

Although Khan said he knew the first victim, who was allegedly raped by Hasan acting alone, he denied knowing the second victim, who he is alleged to have held down as she was raped by Hasan.

When asked why the girls would go to the house, Khan said: “They came around to listen to music and eat food.”

When asked if the girls would smoke and drink, Khan admitted they did “a few times”.

“When I came to the room I saw (the first victim) and Ferdoush sitting next to each other and they were making out and they were showing some signs on their faces and they were walking out.

“I said ‘where are you going?’ and he said ‘downstairs’.

“He told me he was going to have sex.”

Hasan denied knowing the girls, calling the allegations “simple bull***t” and said he had only had sex with one girl while in England, who was aged 22.

He said: “I am a student, I am a student, I had no idea about anything.

“About this sort of thing, I had no idea.

“I’m a student – that’s it. I don’t need condoms, I’m not having sex with anyone.”

When asked if he knew the age of consent in the UK, Hasan said: “It’s like 18. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t bother with it.

“I don’t know what the age is and I don’t reall ... I don’t need to do this, like. No comment. I’m a student, I came to study.”

When Sufian, who is accused of holding down a girl as she was raped, was arrested, he asked police: “If someone else did something wrong will I be punished for it?”

Referring to the incident in which Hasan is alleged to have raped a girl while acting alone, Sufian, who was also studying nautical science at the college, said that the pair were drunk and left the room together.

He said: “I think both of them were drunk at the time and they don’t really know what they did.”

Sufian told the police that the next day a friend of the alleged victim approached the men as they walked to college and asked which of them had sex with her friend.

He said that Hasan said he had sex with her and then the friend told the men that the alleged victim was only 14.

Police asked Sufian: “Did he (Hasan) say he’d had sex with her?

To which he answered: “Yes.”

All of the accused denied knowing the second alleged victim.

Sufian, Khan and Hasan, of Ocean Road, South Shields, all deny a joint charge of rape.

Hasan denies a second, solo, charge.

n The trial continues