‘There’s something wrong with me’ – sex offender jailed for drug-fuelled attacks on schoolgirls

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A sex offender has been jailed for eight years for carrying out drug-fuelled attacks on two schoolgirls.

Wayne McVittie targeted his young victims in Hebburn more than a decade ago and was only finally brought to justice after both girls reported him to police last summer.

No doubt this has all had a most appalling effect upon those girls and their families.

Judge John Evans

After being arrested, the 43-year-old told officers “I need help” and confessed “there’s something wrong with me sexually”.

However, when interviewed by detectives, he rubbished the girls’ claims as “ridiculous” and said he was “stunned” by the accusations.

After a further change of heart, though, McVittie, of no fixed address, went on to plead guilty to charges of indecency with a child, indecent assault and sexual assault, and he was jailed at Newcastle Crown Court yesterday for those offences.

Judge John Evans also ordered McVittie to sign the sex offenders’ register and to abide by the terms of a sexual harm prevention order for the rest of his life.

The judge told him: “No doubt this has all had a most appalling effect upon those girls and their families.

Prosecutor Michael Graham told the court one victim had been unable to understand what was happening to her when she was attacked.

McVittie warned her that she would “get into trouble” if she told anyone, added Mr Graham.

Mr Graham said: “She didn’t understand, but she recalls not liking it and pushing him away.

“She had no concept of what he was doing or how to stop it.”

The second victim told detectives how she “froze to the spot” as McVittie targeted her.

Mr Graham said: “There has been a profound effect in each case.”

Gavin Doig, defending, handed a letter to the court McVittie had written when he was “thinking of ending his own life” and said that he was “intoxicated with narcotics” when he carried out the attacks.