Thief stole £2,500 from his dad’s ex to spend on drugs

BEHIND BARS ... Kyle Turner.
BEHIND BARS ... Kyle Turner.

A MAN has been jailed for stealing £2,500 of savings from a former girlfriend of his father to spend on drugs.

Kyle Turner had called at the victim’s home asking for somewhere to stay after telling her he’d been in an argument with his dad.

After she gave him food and shelter for several hours, he snatched the money from a tin box stashed under her bed and left.

Turner, of Stanhope Road, South Shields, pleaded guilty to a charge of theft from a dwelling at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

The 20-year-old’s solicitor conceded that he has “a sad record” for a man of his age and urged the court to jail him at his own request.

The court heard that Turner is now a month into a 10-month custodial sentence for burglary.

District Judge Helen Cousins jailed him for 12 weeks for the theft, half of which will be added on at the end of his current prison term.

Glenda Beck, prosecuting, said: “The injured partner was in a relationship with the father of Kyle Turner.

“On Monday, November 18, at 4.30pm, the defendant knocked on her door. He asked if he could stay for a while as he had been in an argument with his dad.

“She allowed him to do this and gave him some food. She went to the shops to buy some cigarettes and withdrew £300 from the bank while the defendant was with her.

“They went back to the house, and she asked her seven-year-old daughter to bring down a metal box from under her bed.

“She put the £300 in the box, which already had £2,200 in it. The daugher then put the box back under the bed.”

Later in the evening, Turner asked to use the bathroom, then left the house at about 10pm to meet a friend.

It was only when the victim went to bed after midnight that she noticed the box had been moved. She opened it and noticed that the cash had been taken.

The police were called, and in December, Turner was arrested in connection with the theft.

A statement from the victim read out in court said: “I never thought Kyle would do anything like this to me.

“I feel totally sickened. I never want to see Kyle again because of what he has done to me. I am just so upset.”

Laura Johnson, defending, said: “He has a very sad record for a man of only 20.

“He took the money and spent it on a cocktail of drugs.

“He accepts responsibility and wants to receive immediate custody. He is already serving a 10-month sentence given in February for a burglary.

“He apologises for the theft and says it was at a very low time.”

Sentencing Turner, District Judge Cousins told him: “This was a mean offence in breach of trust.

“It was carried out in the victim’s own home and has left her feeling vulnerable.”

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