Thug’s girlfriend hanged herself days after he stabbed her

JAILED ... Karl Lee.
JAILED ... Karl Lee.

A TRAGIC girlfriend killed herself just days after she was the victim of a terrifying stab attack by her violent boyfriend.

Christine Cram, 31, was found hanging in her home on November 15, six days after her ordeal at the hands of Karl Lee.

Her friends and family were at Newcastle Crown Court to see the 34-year-old was jailed yesterday and there was a cry of “rot in hell” as Lee was led away.

A judge said he could not say the violence was the only reason for Miss Cram taking her own life, but added “I am sure it is linked to it”.

In a suicide note found attached to the door of the room where Miss Cram was found hanging at her home, she spoke of how she was thinking of her family and arranged proper care for her pet dog.

She also spoke of her hatred towards Lee.

James Adkin, prosecuting, said: “She said she hated him, that he had used her.”

Mr Recorder Camp told Lee “you are, without doubt, dangerous” and sentenced him to three years and nine months behind bars.

Lee - who burnt a previous partner with cigarettes during an assault - will then be the subject of a one year and three months extended licence period.

Grieving family and friends of Miss Cram packed the public gallery during the hearing and one shouted “rot in hell” as Lee was sent down.

The judge said Miss Cram was subjected to a “truly terrifying” attack at Lee’s hands, which left her with a stab wound to the abdomen.

Mr Adkin told the court the attack happened on November 9 when Lee was released from the police station after Miss Cram complained he had attacked her with a vase the night before.

When Lee returned to their home at Leslie Avenue, Hebburn, he launched the attack in which neighbours heard her pleading for help.

Mr Adkin said: “She was heard screaming and crying. The word help was heard.”

The court heard after worried neighbours called the police, officers arrived at the house and found Miss Cram locked inside.

Miss Cram shouted; “He won’t let me out.”

Lee was arrested and told police “I will kill her”.

Six days later Miss Cram took her own life after leaving two suicide notes.

During the first note, Miss Cram said Lee was not to blame for what she was about to do but spoke of her hatred of him in the second.

Before her death, Miss Cram made a police statement and also a voice recording about what Lee did to her.

She claimed he had stamped on her pet fish and damaged their tank before turning the violence towards her.

Charges in relation to the fish and the tank were dropped.

Mr Aitken added: “She said he dragged upstairs. She was punched.

“He threw cider over her and began to cut her boots.

“He slashed her jacket and she felt a pain to her side. She was screaming.”

Mr Adkin added: “She felt a sharp pain to her side and realised she had been stabbed.”

Miss Cram went to hospital to check the extent of the damage. None of her internal organs were affected by the knife wound, which was three centimetres deep.

Lee claimed to police Miss Cram had caused the stab wound, and a cut to her arm, herself but he later pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding.

Gavin Doig, defending, said: “The note on the door does not specifically blame Mr Lee for what the complainant decided to do.

“While expressing hatred for him, she, in her original letter, states what she chose to do was not Mr Lee’s fault.”

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