Thugs battered nightclub revellers - because they were Geordies

Gavel and scales
Gavel and scales

A gang of thugs attacked two men outside a nightclub punching and kicking one of them unconscious in an unprovoked attack - simply because they were Geordies.

The thugs launched the vicious attack on the two men who were working in the area after making fun of their northern accents.

And as one of victims lay on the ground with a suspected fractured eye socket, being helped by his north eastern pal, one of the yobs walked past smirking.

Luke Ransley, of Melbourne Avenue, Dover, Kent, was the only one of the gang to be prosecuted for the attack.

The thug has since had the smile wiped off his face as he was jailed for four and a half years at Canterbury Crown Court.

The electrical engineer admitted carrying out three attacks on the night he was celebrating his 21st birthday in October last year.

Geordies Peter Murray and Raymond Palmer had ventured out to a nightclub, Funky Monkey, in Dover.

Mr Murray went to the lavatory and came across a man defecating on the floor.

Prosecutor Andrew Espley told the court it was not Ransley but he was in the toilets at the same time.

Mr Espley said: “Mr Murray asked the man if that was really necessary and received a hostile response and they made fun of his northern accent.”

When the two Geordies and women decided to leave they were followed by a gang of four men - including Ransley.

The Geordie duo were attacked by the group and Ransley repeatedly hit Mr Murray in the head.

Another person kicked the victim who ended up unconscious on the ground where further vicious blows were dished out.

Mr Murray later told police he felt the attack happened because he remonstrated with one of the men “for his vile behaviour.”

He added: “This was unprovoked and happened because I am a Geordie and not from around here.”

Ransley, who has a six month old son, wept after his lawyer told the court how he felt “disgusted with himself” after being shown a video of the incident.

He admitted charges of causing grievous bodily harm, assault causing bodily harm and common assault.

The judge Recorder Deborah Charles told him: “This was gratuitous violence, perpetrated on a defenceless man and described by the bouncer as sickening to see.

“You walked away and came back to watch with a smirk on your face as if you were proud of what you had done.

“As Mr Palmer said in his statement: ‘The people who did this are cowards’.”