Ticketless travellers targeted at South Shields Metro station

South Shields Metro Station
South Shields Metro Station

Metro staff are cracking down on fare dodgers at South Shields station.

An operation to target ticketless travellers caught 22 people in the act on Wednesday, October 14.

The evaders were reported for non-payment of fares over the course of the day as part of an ongoing operation to catch out ticket cheats.

Wayne Dixon, head of station delivery for DB Regio Tyne and Wear, which operates the Metro on behalf of Nexus, said: “Our customer service teams are out on the system every day, helping people to make their journeys safely.

“Ticketless travel might seem like a minor offence, but the Metro is a publicly-owned service and any reduction in fare revenue means less money for re-investment in the system.

“It makes more sense to pay for a ticket than get caught out and have to pay £20. Any failure to pay that will lead to court action and a criminal conviction.”

Passengers who are stopped without a valid ticket or validated smartcard are liable to a £20 Penalty Fare, which is either payable on the spot or within 21 days.

Those who fail to pay within 21 days are liable for further administrative charges and risk prosecution and a fine if convicted.

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