Toothless man 'gummed' policeman during arrest

Michael Scott admitted obstructing a police office when he appeared in court
Michael Scott admitted obstructing a police office when he appeared in court

A toothless man ‘gummed’ a police offer who was arresting him following a domestic dispute.

Michael Scott sank his gums into the police officer’s boot while struggling handcuffed on the ground, South Northumbria Magistrates Court heard.

“Scott was arrested at a house in South Shields,” said Jeanette Smith, prosecuting.

“He had become agitated, and struggled with the officers who eventually managed to handcuff him from behind.

“They put him in their police car, but during the journey he became more agitated, banging his head against the window.

“The officers stopped the car en route to enable Scott to be transferred to a van in which he could be carried in safety.

“Mr Scott has no front teeth, and while he was on the ground during the transfer he sank his gums into the officer’s left boot.

“There was no injury.”

Scott, 36, of Johnson Street, South Shields, admitted obstructing a police officer on October 2.

Geoffrey Forrester, defending, said: Mr Scott suffers from ADHD and a split personality disorder.

“He is also on medication for depression, so he has quite a bit on his plate.

“It was he who called the police in the first instance, but as can happen in this type of domestic incident, it was he who the officers decided to arrest.

“During the vehicle transfer he was dumped on the ground, causing him to become frustrated which is why he sunk his gums into the officers boot.”

Mr Forrester said the offence was the least serious of its type.

He added: “I suppose the officer was obstructed in that he would have been unable to chase after a burglar with Mr Scott attached to his boot by his gums.

“No one should obstruct the police, but I do ask the bench to accept this offence was very much at the lower end of the scale.”

The bench conditionally discharged Scott for six months.

No order for costs or victim surcharge was made because Scott has no income.

He was ordered to pay a nominal £1 compensation to the officer.