Trusted family doctor who took thousands of secret pictures of patients on hidden cameras due in court

Dr Thair Altaii is due to be sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court today.
Dr Thair Altaii is due to be sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court today.

A GP who had a haul of 19,000 images of female patients on his home computer will be sentenced for voyeurism today.

Dr Thair Altaii, of White Rocks Grove, Whitburn, was convicted of three charges of voyeurism last month. He denied the charges, which were in relation to two female patients between 2008 and 2014, but was found guilty following trial.

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The 55-year-old dad, whose surgery is in Sunderland, claimed the thousands of pictures were taken for "training purposes" - but the court heard that a patient contacted the police after spotting two mobile phones propped up during an appointment.

One was on Altaii's desk, while the other was on a shelf overlooking the examination table.

Investigators later discovered more than 19,000 pictures of women - some clothed, some in various states of undress - and videos on the doctor's laptop and other equipment.

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He denied the images and videos were taken for sexual gratification - but added that he had "made an error of judgement" in taking them.

Speaking following last month's verdict, Judge Edward Bindloss granted the doctor bail, but added: "The fact I am adjourning your case, ordering a report and granting you bail is no indication of the likely outcome.

"All options remain open, including an immediate custodial sentence."

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Altaii is due at Newcastle Crown Court for sentence at 2pm.