Woman threatened to burn down witness’s home – with her inside it

Chloe Allbright.
Chloe Allbright.

A woman told a terrified neighbour that her home would be burned down if she gave evidence in court.

Chloe Allbright, 21, told the woman her home would be torched “with you inside it” during an angry Facebook row and later told the woman that bricks would be hurled through her window and warned her she would put petrol through her letterbox.

She said ‘you’re house is getting burned, with you inside it’.

Glenda Beck, prosecuting

The threats were part of a month-long campaign of harassment, magistrates in South Tyneside were told.

The dispute was sparked when Allbright’s partner was arrested for a domestic incident while the women were neighbours – and friends – in Lawrence Avenue, South Shields.

Allbright initially denied a charge of harassment before admitting the offence – which spanned from October 3 to November 11 of last year – on the day of her trial.

Glenda Beck, prosecuting, said: “The defendant and the injured party were neighbours on Lawrence Avenue, South Shields.

“On September 11 last year, the defendant was involved in a domestic incident at her home in which her partner was arrested.

“The victim gave a statement to police as a witness. She feels that is what caused the trouble between them.

“About a week after, Allbright said to her ‘if you go to court and he gets sent down, see what happens’.

“Then on October 3, they were having a Facebook conversation where insults were traded. The victim received a message from Allbright, saying ‘your house is getting burned with you in it”.

Ms Beck said, on October 28, Allbright saw the complainant in the street and told her “just to let you know, there are people waiting to brick your windows and do you in”.

Police were called after a final confrontation on November 11, when Allbright threatened to put petrol in the letterbox of the woman’s property, an incident which was witnessed by another neighbour. Mrs Beck added: “When interviewed by police, she said she had anger issues and often said things she didn’t mean.”

Geoffrey Forrester, defending, said: “This girl is still only 21. There are a raft of issues. If you were to say she was controlled by her partner, that would be absolutely correct.

“He was effectively pulling her strings and she would do whatever he asked her to do.”

He said Allbright no longer lives in South Shields,

Mr Forrester said he did not wish to outline the extent of her personal troubles but instead had written a letter on his client’s behalf to be handed to the magistrates as way of mitigation.

Michael Conroy, chairman of the magistrates, gave Allbright an 18-month community order and imposed restraining orders barring contact with the complainant and another neighbour who witnessed one of the incidents of harassment.

Allbright, now of Fell View, Crawcrook, County Durham, was also ordered to pay a £60 victim surcharge.