Woman who snapped and stabbed husband is spared jail

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A WIFE who plunged a kitchen knife into her husband’s back after a series of violent rows has walked free from court.

Mandy Hannard punctured husband Kenneth’s lung and left him hospitalised after the stabbing at their South Shields home in March.

Newcastle Crown Court heard yesterday that the 42-year-old snapped after months of violent outbursts by the victim, including him kicking an urn containing the grieving mum’s dead son’s ashes.

Paul Rowland, prosecuting, told the court the couple had been involved in a heated argument via text messages from separate rooms in their house on the day of the stabbing.

Mr Rowland said: “She was going downstairs, and a vase was thrown at her.

“The complainant then threw a table containing a dinner plate at her. He then went towards her. It was at that point she picked up a knife. He turned away at the last second and in that moment, when she had lost her temper, she inflicted one knife wound to his back.”

The court heard Mr Hannard spent some days in hospital but is not believed to have suffered any further complications after his release.

He did not wish to co-operate with the prosecution of his wife.

Hannard, of Ruskin Crescent, South Shields, admitted unlawful wounding.

Andrew Finlay, defending, said in the months leading up to the attack there had been a number of violent incidents between the couple, who married just last year.

Mr Finlay said: “He assaulted her in the street in front of others by headbutting her, he assaulted her in the home by grabbing her around the neck during arguments, something that happened on more than one occasion.

“He abused her verbally in relation to her deceased son, he kicked a box containing her son’s ashes during one argument.

“He accused her of loving her deceased son more than him.”

Mr Finlay said Hannard was subject to “controlling, aggressive behaviour” during her marriage, which she had tried to end on the day of the attack.

He added: “The complainant refused to leave the house and they communicated with him downstairs and her upstairs in the bedroom, by means of text message.

“Some of his text messages to her were abusive.”

Mr Finlay said Hannard “generally feared she was gong to be very seriously assaulted” during the confrontation that followed the text exchange and had lost her tempter by the time Mr Hannard turned away.

The court heard after the stabbing Hannard waited in the house for the police to come and arrest her.

That was the last time she saw her husband and the court heard divorce proceedings are likely to follow the criminal case.

Judge John Evans sentenced her to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with supervision.

The judge said Hannard’s case was “highly exceptional”.

Judge Evans added: “While inflicting a wound of this kind in that way inevitably calls for the offence to be marked with a sentence of imprisonment, I think it is possible, in the circumstances, to suspend that sentence.”

The judge said Hannard would place herself in an “impossible position” if she were to behave in the same way in future.