Yob who attacked his ex is locked up for breaching restraining order

KARL MORRISON ... jailed for breaching a restraining order meant to keep him away from his ex-girlfriend.
KARL MORRISON ... jailed for breaching a restraining order meant to keep him away from his ex-girlfriend.

A YOB who was spared jail after a brutal attack on his ex-girlfriend has finally been locked up – after breaching a restraining order against her just a day after it was imposed.

Karl Morrison was given a 21-week prison term – suspended for 12 months – and barred from contacting his former partner at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

He was told by magistrates he was ‘very lucky’ to avoid being jailed after threatening the victim with a knife, hitting her with an ashtray and smashing a mug over her head.

But just a day after being set free, he breached the order and was found at the woman’s address in Boldon Colliery by police tipped off by her sister.

He was arrested and kept in custody until appearing at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court, where he admitted breaching the restraining order.

The 33-year-old, of Trent Drive, Jarrow, was jailed for 12 weeks for breaching the restraining order, with the full 21-week suspended term also activated in full.

The 33-week term will be reduced by four weeks to reflect the period he spent in custody while awaiting sentencing for the common assault.

Stan Sudworth, prosecuting, said: “He appeared before this court on Wednesday for the assault. He was made subject to a suspended sentence order and a restraining order.

“Police received information there may have been a breach by Morrison being with her. They attended her address at 9.47am on Thursday and found him in the bedroom on the bed next to her.

“She made no attempt to co-operate with the police and has not assisted with the prosecution in any way.

Kate Lewis, defending, said: “It is an immediate guilty plea from Mr Morrison. The circumstances are unusual.

“He appeared in court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to the assault on his ex-girlfriend.

“The restraining order had been made at the wishes of the injured party. After leaving court, he went to his father’s address and slept there that evening.

“The folowing day he went to a friend’s house and the injured party was there. She apologised for him being to court and he told her ‘it was my fault’.

“Because it was her making contact with him, he didn’t think he had done anything wrong. They go back to her address and go to bed and fall asleep.

“It appears it was the sister of the injured party who rang the police to tip them off.

“To me, it seems as clear as day she does not want this order. Her actions speak volumes about her view.”

Gary Cracknell, chairman of the magistrates, said: “For breaching the restraining order so soon after it was imposed, only a custodial sentence is acceptable.”