Cyclist feels he's had a rough ride despite lucky escape in road smash

A cyclist is still counting the cost of his lucky escape from a road smash but feels he has been given a rough ride.

Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 5:00 am
Cyclist Shaun Tyler was knocked off his bike while riding home from work along Western Road, Jarrow.

Shaun Tyler was too shaken up to exchange details with a driver after a collision on his way home from work – and is now out of pocket.

He was knocked off his bike as he rode home to Collingwood Street, Hebburn, after finishing his shift at the Port of Tyne.

The 26-year-old suffered only scuffed clothing and a graze to his leg during the collision in Western Road, Jarrow, at about 12.30pm on Thursday – but has been left badly out of pocket.

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The male motorist stopped to check on him, but Mr Tyler says he was in such a shaken state he did not take his contact details.

The biker contacted police – only to be told there was nothing they could do as he was not injured.

He is counting the cost of a repair bill – and faces an hour-long trek to work until his £540 Scott Aspect bike is fixed. As he pays for the bike monthly, he is also losing out on cash every day he is without it.

Police say there is no requirement for them to be informed if a collision does not result in injury but advises road users to exchange contact details if possible.

Mr Tyler said; “I just came flying off the bike and landed in the middle of the road. Thankfully, it was quiet at the time. I had a lucky escape and only had scuffed clothing and a graze to my knee – it could’ve been much worse.

“The driver stopped to check I was OK but I was so shaken I didn’t get his details.”

Mr Tyler says he faces a £60 bill to replace a buckled back wheel. He says he was stunned when police told him they could not investigate the incident further.

He added: “When I calmed down, I called the police but was told there was nothing they could do as I wasn’t injured. I couldn’t believe it.”

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “If no one is injured in a collision and it is not causing an obstruction in the road and no criminal offence has been committed, then police do not necessarily need to be informed.

“It is always advisable to exchange details at the scene.”