'Dangerous' screwdriver stabber traced through Facebook after gruesome attack

Reece Convery.
Reece Convery.

A dangerman has been put behind bars after his victim in a stab-attack tracked down his identity through Facebook.

Paul Johnson suffered a wound to his hand, which left muscles and blood vessels exposed, when he managed to block a blow from a screwdriver, aimed for his stomach, by serial criminal Reece Convery.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 36-year-old victim did not know the name of his attacker but managed to identify him to the police through social media.

Now, Convery, 21, of Abbey Drive, Jarrow, has been jailed for two years and four months and told by a judge: "You are a dangerous young man, you pose a

significant risk of causing serious harm to members of the public."

The court heard Mr Johnson, 36, had visited a pal's flat in Jarrow town centre on November 25, 2017, and he got into a row with Convery.

The two men ended up in the stairwell of the tower block, where Convery pulled out a knuckle duster and started to "bounce about like a boxer".

After being told to put it away, Convery took out the screw driver and lunged at his victim's stomach.

Mr Johnson told police: "He tried to stab me in the stomach. I managed to block the screwdriver with my right hand. However, it stuck right into my hand.

"He pulled it straight back out. I felt immediate pain."

The court heard Mr Johnson was initially treated at South Tyneside Hospital, where he was kept in overnight as his blood pressure had dropped, before being transferred to hospital in Durham for treatment by a plastic surgeon.

It was around a week after the violence that Mr Johnson found out the name of the man who stabbed him by looking on the Facebook account of the friend he had been visiting that night.

Mr Pallister said; "He was looking at his friend's Facebook account to see if he could identify the man that stabbed him.

"He came across a photograph of three males and recognised one of the males as his attacker.

"The photograph was screenshot and passed onto the police.

"Police inquiries revealed the person he identified as the man who stabbed whim with the screwdriver was the defendant Reece Convery."

The court heard CCTV from the block of flats showed Convery in the area at the specified time and Mr Johnson later was able to pick him out of an identity


Convery, who has convictions for 18 previous offences, including violence, admitted unlawful wounding and having an offensive weapon.

Vic Laffey, defending, said Convery has had a "troubled life", mental health problems and has used drink and drugs to cope in the past.

Mr Laffey said Convery will have family support when he is released from custody and realises he needs to change.

Mr Recorder Richard Thyne said probation officials have deemed Convery to be "unmanageable in the community" and told him: "The risk is greater when you are intoxicated or showing off for your peer group."