Dedicated David savours final call of duty to mark military milestone

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A dedicated army veteran went out on parade one last time to help toast a momentous military milestone.

David Robinson enjoyed a fond forces farewell after being handed the honour of being a standard bearer for the borough at a global armed forces gathering to mark the Royal Artillery Association’s 300th anniversary.

I was very proud to represent the regiment.

David Robinson

The 72-year-old, who served with the army for nearly decade and enjoyed a eight-year stint posted in Germany, was chosen to represent the ranks of the 205 3rd Durham Volunteer Artillery Battery at the Ubique 300 celebrations in the regiment’s Larkhill home in Salisbury.

Mr Robinson bowed out in fine style as he proudly carried the standard for the regiment, based in Northfield Gardens, South Shields, at the gala event.

The landmark celebration has seen a baton being passed from the regiment’s birthplace in Woolwich through to its home in Larkhill - by way of all four corners of the United Kingdom and a string of overseas detours to far-flung destinations such as New York, Miami, the Carribean and Cape Verde.

The baton - designed to symbolise the 300 years of the association - clocked up thousands of air miles before ending its journey in the grateful grasp of The Queen as she reviewed the regiment at the anniversary extravaganza.

The motto of Ubique - meaning everywhere - was bestowed upon the regiment by King William IV in 1832.

Mr Robinson said: “I was very proud to take the standard to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of D-Day and was very proud to represent the regiment again.

“It was my last parade and I have now retired after four years representing the battery.

“I joined the army in 1962 and served for 9-and-a-half years.

“My roles included being a driving instructor and a signal operator.”

James Swanson-Stobbs, chair of the 205 Durham Volunteer Artillery, said: “He will be missed by all of the members.”