Dickens writes the script as South Shields finish second

Lee Dickens, from South Shields Harriers, finished an impressive second in the Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League meeting at Aykley Heads, Durham on Saturday.

Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 1:36 pm
Jamie Barnshaw.

Dickens recorded 39;50 for the hilly 10km in a huge field of 570, leading his team into third position.

Simon May was ninth in 42;11 with Jeff McGurty 27th in 43:20 and Dan Josephs, from the fast pack conceding 5;15 minutes, up to 29th in 38;10.

Paul Stewart was 33rd from the medium pack, giving away 2:35, in 40:59. Lee Hether ington was 34th in 43:35 with Tom Colquitts 47th in 43:56 and Miles Weston 60th in 44:17.

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Shields have now moved up to third behind Birtley in second and leaders North Shields with two meetings remaining.

Ian Salkeld was 10th for Jarrow and Hebburn in 40:53 with Jam es Martin, mediums, 32nd in 40:03 and Jack Brown, fasts, 50th in 38:08.

Alan Ball was 53 rd in 43:30 with Micha el Thornton 55th in 43;33 and Jonathan Gilroy, mediums, 62nd in 41:08. Patrick McShane was 63rd in 43:48 with Nick Atkinson ,mediums, 79th in 41:59 and David Brown, mediums, 80th in 42:00.

Jarrow finished eighth team in Division One.

Emily Jones, from the Jarrow club, was a prominent fourth in the under-20 women’s 6km in 24:01 from the medium pack conceding 1:25.

Sophie Robson was 23rd with 23:42 conceding 2:50 from the fast pack in the under-17 girls’ 6km.

Jessica Holman, fasts, was 25th in 26:11 with her sister Hannah 26th in 26:22. Isabelle Guard was 27th in 29:09 with Shields’ Katie Wood 28th in 29:18.

Jay Stephenson from the Shelds club finished sixth in the under-11 boys’ one km race in 5:12 with Tom Hobson 31st in 5:51.

Darcy Tullis was eighth in the under-11 girls’ one km in 5:40 with Jodie Stephenson 22nd in 6:07. Ryan Stewart was 10th in the under-15 boys’ two miles in 14:14 with Benjamin Weston 19th in 14:43 and Jarrow’s Owen Hedley 39th in 15:23.

Shields’ Matthew Burton was 47th in 15:41 with Ewan Heron 53rd in 16:39. Jarrow’s James King was 55th in 17:26 with Shields’ Jamie Ayre 57th in 17:44. Amy Stewart was 42nd in the under-13 girls’ 3km in 16:13 from the fast pack conceding 1:40. Rebecca Harrison was 58th with Evie Robertson 61st.

Max Tyrie was 17th in the under-17 boys 6km in 22:29 with Jarrow’s Jamie Barnshaw 31st from the fast pack conceding 2:50 in 21:56.

Heather Robinson was 37th for Jarrow in a big field of 416 in the senior women’s with 32:02 from the fast pack giving a way 5:15.

Jenna Killock, medium pack conceding 2;45, was 39th in 34:37 with Vicky Thompson 56th in 38;43. Christine Gilligan was 90th in 42:28 but Jarrow were 13th team in Division Three.

Jacki e Murdy was 23rd for South Shields in 31:49 with Gillian Wallace 34th in 35:00. Jemma Amin was 36th, Kelly Bea rd-Foden 42nd and Kim Lancaster 43rd in 32:46.

Gillian Nichol was 46th with M elanie Cooke-Dunlop 50th. Amanda Wilson finish ed 60th with Rachel Hawdon 63rd in 33:37. Linda Welford was 68th with Sarah Swales 81st.

Sharon Darling was 91st with Melissa Cain 93rd. Susan Burgess was 96th with Gayle Eglint ine 97th.

Míchelle Bays was 111th wíth Carly Henderson 115 th ín 36:23 and Lorraine Hethríng ton 118th ín 39:22.

Alíson Kídger was 122nd ín 39:48 with Sarah Bezuidenhout 128th ín 40:16. Amy Tysoe fíníshed 138th ín 42:05 wíth Julia Barnshaw 141st in 42:50. Fiona Wilson was 156th ín 50:27 with Patricia Whíte 157th ín 50:30.

Shields finished seventh team in Division One.