Did you see a UFO over Shields?

SOMETHING strange was flying about on Halloween according to a South Tyneside man – and it wasn't a witch.

Gary Sinclair said he saw a bright orange light hovering in the sky as he peered out of his sitting room window in Bluebell Way, South Shields, at 5.30pm.

The 34–year–old said: "It was very strange, it was almost slow at approaching and then it just vanished. I thought it was a plane on fire.

"It just seem to shoot off in a northern direction."

Mr Sinclair reported his sighting online where other people – as far away as Merseyside and Northampton – claim they had a similar experience.

He said: "It's something I'm certainly not going to forget in a hurry."

There was speculation the light could have been a Chinese lantern - often mistaken as UFOs – but Mr Sinclair is adamant this was not the case.

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