Do you remember the great storm of 1987?

Many people will have vivid memories of an event which happened 31 years ago today, when England and the nearby continent, was hit by hurricane force winds during the so-called Great Storm of 1987, that left 39 people dead, here and in France, and caused widespread damage and destruction.

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Monday, 15th October 2018, 9:35 am
Updated Monday, 15th October 2018, 9:38 am
Memory Lane   February 

Gale damage  weather
Memory Lane February Gale damage weather

Winds of up to 115-mph hammered both countries, leaving millions of people without power and ripping up more than 15 million trees.

The “weather bomb” left a trail of destruction that cost millions of pounds to repair.

Memory Lane September 1982 Fowler Street flooding weather

Although the North East escaped the worst of the storm, readers will undoubtedly recall seeing images of the Great Storm on TV news reports at the time, as it swept across the country and over the Channel.

Perhaps you were living or working in the path of the storm as it struck, if so please get in touch with your memories.

What do you remember about this dramatic and deadly event?

To coincide with the anniversary of the storm, we’ve collected together a number of weather-related photos, taken here on South Tyneside, over the years.

Flooding in Hedworth Lane, Jarrow, March 1958.

High winds, floods or snow, what are the worst conditions you’ve experienced in your lifetime?