Dog becomes internet sensation due to Donald Trump resemblance

Chief's inner ear has an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump.
Chief's inner ear has an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump.

A dog has attracted worldwide attention due to an uncanny resemblance with US president Donald Trump.

Owners Jade Robinson, 25, and her fiance Mark Bentham, 28, were left stunned when friends spotted the similarity between the inner ear of two-year-old Chief and the controversial president.

Jade with Chief.

Jade with Chief.

The resemblance was pointed out on a photograph Jade had taken of Chief's ear, which is badly inflamed.

The beagle has been receiving treatment for the problem, but finds himself in the media spotlight - without even knowing it.

Jade, from Jarrow, said: "I took a photo for the vet because Chief has an ear infection.

"I must have looked at the picture about 20 times and never saw Donald Trump.

"The following day, I showed a friend, and she said she could see a face, before realising it was Trump.

"It was all very bizarre.

"The picture was posted on Twitter and it ended up getting thousands of retweets. He became an internet sensation.

"There were people sending me messages from all over the world and it hasn't stopped."

Jade joked that she wishes a less controversial famous face had been spotted.

She added: "Luckily, Chief doesn't share any of Trump's traits.

"He's a very pleasant little pup!

"I can't believe the attention he has had.

"He's an adorable little thing and everyone always says he's beautiful, but I never thought he'd end up worldwide like this.

"It's funny, because he's obviously absolutely clueless about it all."

Chief received treatment yesterday, costing £448, and will return to the vet's on Monday, when the bill could rise by at least another £800.

After people around the world took him to their hearts, his owners started an online fundraising page to help pay the veterinary bills - and get Trump out of his ear.

Jade, who has had Chief since he was 10 weeks old, said: "Over £350 has already been raised and we can't believe how generous people have been."

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