Donations fund life-saving equipment for volunteer 4x4 drivers

A team of volunteer drivers are now able to hit the road with life-saving equipment - thanks to a donation by the Freemasons.

The 4x4 team are presented with defibrillators following a Freemason donation
The 4x4 team are presented with defibrillators following a Freemason donation

The group, which heads out in all weathers in their 4x4 vehicles when called upon by emergency services, are now the proud owners of two portable defibrillators.

The equipment can prove vital if someone’s heart stops beating, and will be taken by the volunteers to shows and events across the region.

Its purchase has been made possible thanks to the Freemasons from the Province of Durham and the Province of Northumberland.

4x4 Response North East is a not-for-profit organisation which supports the emergency services and other recognised groups in the region.

Its members, including some from South Tyneside, turn out in any weather, on any terrain, at any time of the year to help those providing vital medical or other services get to people in hard-to-reach places.

The group covers the North East from the Scottish Borders to North Yorkshire and from the East Coast to Cumbria. It currently has more than 40 members signed up.

A spokeswoman for the group said: “We cannot express how grateful we are for the continuing support and encouragement and backing we receive from Freemasonry across the North East.

“This philanthropic assistance enables us to continue to provide our vital all weather, all wheel drive logistical services to support our emergency services, the NHS and councils when called upon.”


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For information on the group and how to support them visit 4x4 Response North East on Facebook.