Donning your cosy and coat to go over the road to the baths

A photo of civic dignitaries at Jarrow Baths, in 1969, made a splash when posted on Facebook.

Monday, 24th September 2018, 4:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 1:52 am
Mayor of Jarrow, Councillor F P Dixon with Councillor Mrs M Stewart, chairman of Jarrow Baths Committe, showing a party of Warrington Town Council members and officials around the Walter Street baths. 1969.

Joanne Dry said: “Hated the baths! Used to go with the school.

“The water was always an awful colour and it was warm. Twenty pupils in the pool and it was over-crowded. Glad when we went to Hebburn baths.”

South Shields seamen discuss the report of the court of inquiry into the shipping dispute outside the offices of the NUS at the Mill Dam. 1966.

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Sandi Bastholm went online to say: “Oh wow I remember being there every day even when the heaters weren’t working”.

Ann Heslop recalled how she “used to live across the road from the baths. I would go home from school, get changed in to my costume, put my coat on and go over the road.

“Anybody remember big Joe, we lived above him.”

Meanwhile, another photo, included here, taken outside the offices of the NUS at the Mill Dam in 1966, showing seamen discussing a report of the court of inquiry into a shipping dispute at the time, brought back memories for reader Agnes George.

Agnes posted: “My dad was a merchant seaman and I remember going to a Christmas party at the mission during the strike.

“My dad was a very proud man and didn’t want us to go as he wouldn’t accept charity off anyone. He was also very stubborn.

“My mam persuaded him to let us go and we got a little selection box off Santa.”